Summer is gone and winter is around the corner!! Come visit our online store for cheap discount winter sports gear. Shop with us for New snow sports gear at less money than rental prices. Lucrative discounts on Snowboard package deals or just a snowboard deck. We have New Snow Boards of almost all the colors of your choice and less than the price of used If you love to ride on snow then we have...
East of Maui is the premier Maryland snowboarding accessories shop for more than 30 years. Their product selection is the best of the best, and their staff is the most knowledgeable in the business. EAST OF MAUI PRODUCTS: Stand up paddle boards Snowboarding Skateboarding Surfing Windsurfing Kiteboarding Visit their website at eastofmauiboardshop.com or call (410) 934. 4220. Sign up and save 10%.
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